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Narcos is an American crime drama television series based on the story of drug kingpin Pablo Escobar. Pablo  became a billionaire through the production and distribution of cocaine. The series also focuses on Escobar’s interactions with drug lords, Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agents, and various opposition entities.

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This is the most gripping series that you could have ever seen on Netflix.
The characters, story, and plot are enough to get your adrenaline pumping for the whole episode. You can’t get out of this story when you would dive in it, and only the first episode is enough to screw you up.
Wagner Moura and Pedro Pescal lead an amazing cast and indulge the viewer into the show. Narcos will not disappoint you in any aspect, whether it’s be acting, cinematography, visuals, story, or suspense.

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Unlike other common stories, Narcos doesn’t glorify the criminals and sympathise with a criminal who eventually turns into a hero. But, the story rather strictly differentiates between good and evil. The protagonist’s view of storytelling and Escobar’s ruthless character will not let you stay still on your seat.
The story revolves around the Drug Distribution Empire and wealth, and it beautifully shows the stories of two sides along with the usual activities of a day in the surroundings. The series is especially worth watching for the Columbians because of the Columbian cast. The intensity and the flow of the story will hook you up. If you like history, documentaries, with an appropriate amount of violence, ‘Gameloop’ is just the perfect fit for you.


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