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The Queen’s Gambit took Netflix by storm this month – and for good reason. Based on a book of the same name from the phenomenal writer Walter Tevis, this mini-series follows the story of a young orphaned girl in the 1950s with an impossible talent for chess.

She journeys through an unlikely rise to fame while struggling with the challenges of addiction. It’s a classic rags-to-riches tale with some wonderful twists thrown in for good measure.

The series was written and directed by Scott Frank who has brought a magical quality to the entire story. Visually, this show is stunning. There are some stellar performances from the star-studded cast too. Anya Taylor-Joy does a particularly good job of bringing her character Beth Harmon to life.

This is a cerebral, emotional rollercoaster that is well worth the watch. It’s just seven episodes long and seems unlikely to renew for a second season, so it’s easy to get up to speed.

Check this one out if you like:
Rags-to-riches tales
Intelligent, well-written female characters

The Queen's Gambit
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