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The Old Guard is an action movie that shakes up the common action movie formula  and gets the job done with compelling Immortal heroes and hard-hitting practical action.

the group of warrior mercenaries is led by Charlize Theron. together thay kick ass, fighting and saving the world but Eventually their time runs up, they stop healing, and they die.

the movie starts with the appearance of the new immortal member , a marine killed in combat who returns to life to join the team. A young pharmaceuticals CEO billionaire, played by Harry Melling, wants to monetise their genetic charge and does everything needed to kidnap them and study the nature of this phenomenonץ

the old guard

image courtesy of netflix

A Big Dose of Practical Action

the old guard’s characters are real people who got an extraordinary gift. They’re definitely not your regular action heroes, they’re all human, vulnerable and professional in their own way.

With heroes who can’t really die, all the shootouts and action scenes feel a bit different and then what we’re used to, with a refreshing flavour.

Its not the best action movie we’ve seen And not the most realistic one, but its a definitely a good start to Netflix’s movie stock that keeps improving all the time.

the old guard

Image courtesy of netflix

Gameplay - 6
Graphics - 6
Audio - 5.5
Longevity - 6

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