Money Heist / La Casa de Papel|Review


Money Heist or La Casa de Papel is a Spanish show that was released on 2017. and emerged as one of the best Netflix TV shows of all times.

The show starts off with a brilliant idea. The plot is gripping and the makers have outdone themselves in putting together an intriguing narrative that almost makes you believe this overdramatic chain of events to be true. The cast of the show is impeccable. The Professor perfectly assumes the role of the mild-mannered and brilliant leader who takes charge over a rather unruly band of robbers who starts out with a profound plan to rob the Royal mint of Spain and then the Bank of Spain.

The show is a great action with a spanish touch that makes it so unique and gives us a glimpse on a modern well planed heist. the modern robin-hood career criminals characters, hand handpicked by the professor to form “Les Resistance” bring a wide array of personalities – but not the ones your used to on your normal action tv.

the creates a strong public discourse against oppressive establishments.  The sentiments of the characters have resonated with the masses around the world. if you love action and looking for a new series with a different touch – this one is a must watch. great to watch alone or in a couple.


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